Trips with Horse Corral Packers!

Camping & Fishing Trips into the beautiful High Sierra Back Country.

The Horse Corral Pack Station, which is east of the Big Meadow campground in Sequoia National Forest, is also a good location to begin horseback trips. You can take rides of various lengths, beginning at one hour long.


Trip Descriptions

Spot Trip

A guide and stock are furnished to take your party into the back-country, where you can relax, fish, and explore the beautiful lakes, canyons and magnificent mountains. The guide and stock return on any date you set to bring you back.

Horses & Mules per day $50.00
Packer - Guide per day $100.00

Extended Trip

Here your party is provided with horses, mules, and guide. For the entire trip you furnish your own food, cooking gear, and do the cooking that can't taste any better than it does in the high country.

Package Rates According to Destination
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All-Expense Extended Trip

For parties that want a care-free delux way of seeing the high-country, this pack trip provides your party with pack stock, riding horses, guide and your personal cook. Everything is provided except for personal articles and sleeping bags.

Package Rates Depending on Destination
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