More Information about Horse Corral Packers!

Operating Season: May to October

The Mills own about 75 horses, most of which spend the off-season in the foothills above Three Rivers, California, and make the summer journey to the pack station inside Giant Sequoia National Monument in early June.


Additional Services Offered

Hot Showers!

Boarding facilities for outside horses.

Rates subject to change

Limit 6 head of stock per packer, 120 lb per pack stock. Packer-guide boarded on trip. 20% deposit required with reservation. Will be refunded if trip cancelled 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation policy:

Deposit refunded if cancellation 30 days prior to trip.


Services We Offer


Guided Rides: Day Rides, Spot Trips, Extended Trips, All-Expense Trips

pictureExperienced Guide Specialties: Fishing, Horseback Rides, Camping, Hiking

pictureService Areas: Sequoia National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park.


Recreation Service partners with Sequoia National Forest



Get in Touch

Charley or Judy Mills, Owners
PO Box 546
Woodlake, California 93286

Summer Phone: (559) 565-3404
Winter Phone: (559) 564-6429
Winter Cell: (559) 679-3573