Welcome to Horse Corral Packers!

Picture yourself, family or friends in more than eleven-hundred square miles of the most majestic and unspoiled land you'll ever see.

Escape the crowds and experience the solitude of giant trees and roaring waters in the High Sierra. With gentle stock and competent packers, any trip to the back country will be one to remember.

The area we pack is accesible only to trails. The peace and beauty of your surroundings will help you relax and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

This is the High Sierras at their most accessible. The Big Meadows Horse Corral organizes horseback riding trips like these in the Sierra Nevada range, complete with horses suited to your temperament and experience level, guides like Hannah to show you the way and provide some local color, and of course the best alpine scenery this side of the Great Western Divide.

Judy and Charley Mills look forward to serving your needs.


Basic Information

Judy and Charley Mills live in Woodlake and have owned and operated Horse Corral Pack Station since 2000. The pack station offers a variety of services including half and full day rides, extended pack trips and spot-trip packing service for backcountry access. The lower age limit is 7 years old. 7 - 16 year-olds must wear riding helmets.

Trips are arranged several ways to suit individual wishes. Total trip costs depend on the number of people riding, and how many mules it takes to pack your gear. We will help you plan a trip to fit your interests and budget. We will be glad to answer your questions and help you plan your trip.

Charley Mills recommends making arrangements at least a few days ahead of time. He employs three stable hands who, like Hannah, act as guides for the guests and help around the ranch. Children must be at least seven years old to ride, and Mills requires anyone 16 or under to wear a riding helmet. On trips where children are present, Mills supplies a second guide at no additional cost.

Services We Offer


Guided Rides: Day Rides, Spot Trips, Extended Trips, All-Expense Trips

pictureExperienced Guide Specialties: Fishing, Horseback Rides, Camping, Hiking

pictureService Areas: Sequoia National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park.


Recreation Service partners with Sequoia National Forest



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Charley or Judy Mills, Owners
PO Box 546
Woodlake, California 93286

Summer Phone: (559) 565-3404
Winter Phone: (559) 564-6429
Winter Cell: (559) 679-3573
Email: info@hcpacker.com